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Watery Grave
Little john was playing on the ship deck.
He thought it'd be fun to tie the anchor around his neck.
So little John threw that anchor overboard,
You know, for fun because he was bored.
Well let me tell you, little john went for a splash,
His life before his eyes in a flash.
Some say John was mighty for trying such a dare, some say he was brave.
I however say differently and say it was this act of “bravery” that lead John to his watery grave....

The smallest things
My name is Ruby, I am 12 years old.
I am a girl who lives in the cold.
I have 2 brothers, 3 sisters and mom and dad.
When people hear that we have no home, they become sad.
Me, I say different, and just look at them with a smile,
They'd look at me confused and stare for awhile.
“Why is it sad that we have no home?”, I would ask and then giggle
My odd behavior would send most of them in a jiggle.
“Your family suffers without any food or water.”
I would ponder and hum, “Well I guess I wish it was a bit hotter.”
But then I'd smile and swing from side to side, giving them a big grin,
“But who cares if we are cold or thirsty or thin?”
“We have each other and that's all we need..”
“So who cares if we have a big house with water and a lot of food to feed?”
The crowd would then smile and give my head a soft pat,
Then to my surprise they gave me a hat.
Then more and more people just appeared along,
And they fed us and took care of us until we were strong.
They gave us a home with a real roof
And even today I point this out as proof.
That those people came along, with their invisible angel wings,
And all though they helped us and all, we really survived because of the smallest things...

The father I always wanted
I'm Soren, a half wolf half boy
About a year ago I lost all my joy....
You see my father left me when I was young,
I won't lie, the feeling stung.
My mom cried, day and night,
Hoping he would come back within her sight.
That day never came and he vanished without a trace,
The one thing I remembered from all of it, was the look on his face.
It was twisted and dark and cold to the bone,
His terrifying words only matched his tone.
He swore that he would return and kill us all,
Remembering that only made me cry and curl up in a ball.
That day sadly came and he beat us and such,
Until mom couldn't handle it, it was too much.
She put an end to dad and that was that,
That was the last time he would ever call me a brat.
As I remembered how I wanted a father, one who was kind and sweet,
A man walked up and knelled down next to my feet.
He was a wolf, just like me,
I knew who it was and my heart filled with glee.
His name was Howl, my mom's new love,
He made her heart flutter like a dove.
He picked me up with a big smile on his face,
I have to admit, it made my own heart race.
Right then and there, I knew I would no longer be haunted,
I knew from there on he was the father I wanted....

My Dream
My Dream is simple, it appears in a series of thoughts.
Let me describe them to you, by connecting the dots.
I want a family, big, happy and strong,
I want this family to grow and it's history to be long.
I want to marry a girl, propose to her with a ring,
To have two kids, a boy and girl, and feel their hands cling.
We'll go to places, both big and small,
Travel the world far and wide, we'd see it all.
And when that is over and done, with a heart full of joy,
We'd sit down and talk about it, of course right now I'm just a boy.
That day will come, that starts that long road ahead,
Of course that one step is something I dread.
So until that faithful day, I will remind people about this with a gleam,
“Yes that is all I want, because that is my dream.”

I Am a Star
My name is Hoshi, I am a star,
People come to my concerts from near and far.
They come for my music, the loud music and sound,
Let me say, I rock that stage to the ground.
I leave with gifts and cakes, listening to the cheers,
Some are screaming and smiling while some are in tears.
The day would end with me heading to my room,
The joy and happiness in my heart, would just bloom.
My fans loved me for what I did best,
I'd cry my self to sleep, I was so blessed.
The next day would come and I'd get dressed for the day,
Arriving at the building, we'd have people to keep the crowds at bay.
I'd set up my guitar and get it in tune,
Then I'd grip my necklace for good luck, my lovely rune.
I'd look at my band and say, “Let's give them a show!”
We'd do this forever, as far as I know.
After another success we'd move to the next stage or bar,
Cause this is my life, cause I am a star.

Flowers Bloom
My favorite hobby is to watch the flowers bloom,
I'd sit in my window at the edge of my room.
My name was Violet, I was short, kind and sweet,
People say when it came to cute girls, I was hard to beat.
I, like my mother, loved to grow things a lot,
It started with my first flower that I put in a pot.
Eventually it grew up big and strong,
It's petals grew out, folding out nice and long.
My mom would say her favorite flower would be better then that,
That made me tilt my head as if I was a cat.
Her favorite flower? What could it be?
Maybe some day I will be able to see.
Then the days went by and my flower wilted away,
I could only sit there and cry, as I watched it decay.
My mom heard me sob and walked in and hugged me tight,
Later she came back and told me something special that same night.
“I told you before that my favorite flower would grow up strong and bright,
And let me tell you, that flower never leaves my sight.
That flower is you Violet, my own special girl.”
That statement alone, made my heart whirl.
I never cried over a flower again, I left my sad gloom,
You'll understand when you have kids and watch your own flowers bloom.

The tears ever flow
The world of childhood, I left behind in a flash,
Tossed it away, as if it was trash.
My new life began, as a father at best,
This would be my ultimate test.
I arrived at her door at about six last night,
I knocked on it softly, which took all my might.
She answered it slowly, in her gown with a smile,
After a few seconds she asked, “want to come in for awhile?”
She led me to the couch, where I took her hand,
She looked away shyly, when I showed her the silver band.
I looked into her eyes and said, “Would you marry me?”
She teared up and cried, resting her ring hand on my knee.
“I wouldn't want anyone else in my whole entire life,
Yes, of course. I shall be your lovely, wedded wife.”
Next thing you know, we are married and have3 kids, 2 boys and girl,
There's Fang and Scar and the smallest is Pearl.
My family is my life, one I wish to see grow,
And just like life out there, the tears ever flow.

Summer days
Summer days come and go,
They disappear with their usual flow.
These kinds of days are full of laughter and cheer,
The types of sounds that catch your ear.
Children playing, dogs in the park,
Their owners tossing a stick as they bark.
The birds humming in the trees,
The small buzzing of the bees.
The sounds of splashing, water flies,
Babies and their little cries.
And as the day, comes to an end,
Dancing shadows creep around the bend.
The sun sets, sending a red like glow,
The clouds settle down, as they slow.
Then soon day turns to night, the stars shine,
As on little ones watch, saying “I wish they were mine.”
The day closes, with the sound of soft breaths and lovely dreams,
Those images pouring out, creating invisible streams.
Then of course, the next day begins,
Warmth of the sun, touching all the many skins.
But like I said before, Summer days come and go,
But they'll be back, before you even know.

Dark Flower
The sun shines, the wind blows,
Life comes, but also goes.
My life began with life and death,
It started and ended, with my first breath.
They brought me back, much to my dismay,
That was my beginning, my first day.
Years passed, time flowed slow,
It wasn't budging, it didn't flow.
I had no friends, just my sister and me,
But she had many, how could that be?
I was just the same, we were twins,
Sure I wasn't life was full of sins.
That's who I was though, just the odd girl out,
It was obvious I was hated, there was no doubt.
Often times I cried, silently in the night,
Other times my rage grew, spawning a fight.
It wasn't fair how my sister had it all,
And how I was the odd girl, the dark one, who disappeared in my fall.
I wish I could live that life, hers instead of mine,
If there is such a thing as god, why doesn't he give me a sign.
Time flowed again, and it was my “last day”,
I would die today, and to no one's dismay.
I would pass into heaven or drown in hell,
It would be up to god, which one I'd dwell.
I stood on the edge, wishing for a new life,
You know it's funny, I laugh at this story every time I remember that I'm a wife.
That very same day, god answered my prayers,
A boy pulled me back, putting my head against theirs.
The boy was a stranger, I'd never seen,
He had black hair, with his eyes a lovely green.
In shock I just stared, but then I whimpered, then cried,
If he hadn't stopped me, there was no doubt I'd have died.
He stroked my face, lifted my chin and smiled,
Many years later, here I am, holding our child.
That boy saved me and gave me my second chance,
It was as if I was in a dream, or stuck in a never ending trance.
I was given love, a friend and a savior in one,
God had given me everything, he answered my prayers, it was done.
I will never despair, I've been given a gift,
My depression and sadness, was changed by a major, great shift.
Never doubt god's power, he loves everyone,
He loves us all, and hates none.
God gave me life, remember my story and remember his power,
He's willing to save everyone, even a dying, dark flower.

Mother and child
Our father left us, long, long ago,
Where he went to, I do not know.
Mom said he went on a trip to a far away place,
I was only five, I thought she meant space.
When I was 10, when father's day came,
I felt so empty, things weren't the same.
Why didn't dad come back yet? Where did he go?
Perhaps he was taking his time, just taking things slow.
That night I cried myself to sleep, sitting and waiting,
As soon as you knew it, I was then dating.
Even a boyfriend it seems, can't fill the hole in my heart,
This pain and emptiness, it was tearing me apart.
I was only 16 but lost and alone,
Mom was still around, but far apart we had grown.
Next thing you know it was prom and a dance,
Only 18, I was asked for his hand, I gave him a chance.
Things lifted up in my life, things were turning out okay,
But then my mom came to me, the fateful “revelation day.”
She told me my dad wasn't coming back, that he had passed away years ago,
I just stared at her blankly, all theses years....I didn't know.
A mix of emotions flooded over me,
Sadness, anger, obviously she could see.
I balled up my fists and ran out of the room,
My hatred started to show all over me, slowly starting to bloom.
My mother lied to me all this time, I thought she cared,
Just the thought of it, my anger flared.
I ran back inside, shouting and yelling,
I stopped when I saw my mother. Silent, shaking, and thoughts dwelling.
I blinked and calmly walked up to her, shaking her a tad,
She slowly came back to reality and looked at me, her expression sad.
“I was trying to protect you. All these years from the truth.”
“You have to understand. You lost your father in your youth!”
“I couldn't let you live your life feeling like it was your fault.”
“It would have crushed you...brought your life to a halt...”
It was then I realized that my mother had been the one raising me my whole life,
I now see why dad chose her to be his wife.
She was so caring and kind, to all those around her,
Even when dad died and her life flashed before her in a blur.
She took up the job of raising me alone, even if I was a burden,
But I guess that's what you get when your last name is Verdun.
I did what any daughter would do, I hugged her and cried,
I couldn't be mad at her, even though she lied.
Even though my father had passed, our bond was strong,
While other bonds would fade, ours lasted long.
Our life has been up and down, been very wild,
But we'll make it through, with our bond, Mother and child.

Snowflakes fall (famous one I have)
Winter time, the ground covered in white,
A wonderful view, making good times bright.
The time for giving, spending time and cheers,
A time of no troubles, no sadness or tears.
The hanging of ornaments on the big pine tree,
The feeling that filled many with overwhelming glee.
Parents, children, all smiled with bright smiles,
Lights and decorations that could be seen for miles.
Family gathers around, under the starry night,
Children wait for Santa, filled with anxiousness and delight.
What will he bring this year on Christmas Eve?
Or maybe it should be, what do the parents have up their sleeve?
When morning comes, the houses are filled with laughter,
Like a fairy tale come true, with the happily ever after.
Presents of all kinds! Both big and small,
Shortly after comes the time to open them all.
Lots of hugs and kisses and good loving time,
No worries about money, about the penny, nickle, and dime.
It's a time to rejoice! Spread joy in the air,
Joy that reaches the ears of a girl named Clair.
She sits in her room, watching as children laugh and play,
But as much as she might, she was forced to stay.
The machines she was hooked to, kept her living among the rest,
While her family worried, she felt very blessed.
She could still watch as people smiled, dancing around in the snow,
The feeling of such things, she would never know.
One day little Clair, staring out at the street,
Nearly jumped out of her bed when through the window, a treat.
A small candy cane, landed on her lap,
She stared at it blankly before she heard a snap.
She glanced out the window to see a small boy,
One who had candy, a present, and a toy.
He smiled and waved, “Did you think I'd forget?”
The girl laughed and smiled, “I guess I lost our bet...”
The boy ran inside and sat next to the girl,
Watching the two you could tell, their hearts began to twirl.
The boy's name was Ace, he visited her every day,
Even if she didn't want him to, he would always stay.
“Hey I was thinking! I think we should go for a walk!”
The girl frowned and sighed, “Or we could just stay know and talk?”
The boy frowned, “You have to have some faith that you'll be alright..”
The girl looked away sadly, “They say it may happen tonight...”
The boy's face dropped even lower at that sudden fact,
Time for plan B, time to distract.
He smiled wide and took her hand, “Well then lets go anyways!”
The girl blushed and blinked, giving in to the boy, “Fine but only down the road, down to May's”
The boy nodded and smirked, “You'll see! This will be great!”
Slowly the boy scooped her up and put her on his back, due to her current state.
He smiled back at her as she shyly looked away,
“We better get going if we want to get back while it's still day.”
The two head out, into the winter cold,
The different street shops and stalls, it was a sight to behold.
The girl smiled and laughed, looking at the view,
They walked until both their noses turned blue!
Later the boy put her back, forgetting about the time,
He looked down at his mistake, his mess up, his “crime”.
He cried as the girl laid still, motionless in her bed,
“Please...come back, Claire.” His voice sounded dead.
“I'm sorry I took you away from your home, I made a mistake,
Please don't leave me alone!” He said as he began to shake.
“I know it's stupid, but I love you so much!”
He gently held her close, her skin soft to the touch.
“Please! I'll do anything, just don't go away!”
“I promise you can lay there forever, as long as you stay!”
The boy's head sunk lower as he lost all hope,
Suddenly his head was lifted, “Please...this is no time to mope.”
The girl smiled wide, she looked alive and well,
The boy just stared, as if entranced in a spell.
The girl sat up and hugged him really tight,
He barely kept himself from breaking down, using all his might.
He hugged the girl back tightly, saying over and over, “Thank you.”
The girl smiled and kissed his cheek, whispering, “Also, I love you too.”
Years went by and again, Christmas came,
There sat Ace and Claire and their kids near the fire's flame.
They got married just that day, in the morning at first light,
That was then though, now it was night.
Ace held Clair close, remembering the miracle from before,
Their youngest daughter Rose, stood staring out the door.
She turned and smiled wide, “Mommy! Look at the snow!”
They all gathered around, watching as the snowflakes fell with a glow.
Rose stood by Jake, both hugging their mom and dad,
Ace just hugged Claire, both happy and glad.
Last Christmas, at this same exact time,
Claire lost her life, lost it on a dime.
Somehow though, she arose, fully healed and well,
and now, here they are, married and listening to the church bell.
I hope this serves as a lesson for one and for all,
Now lets leave this family alone, as they watch the snowflakes fall.

Blue bird
Flying above, in the big blue sky,
Opening my mouth, letting all hear my cry.
I soar above, never looking down,
Always looking up, never wearing a frown.
Wings stretched out wide, feeling the cool, cool air,
Wind slowly blowing, through my fine, fine hair.
Again I dive down, to the world I know and love,
For I cannot stay forever, in the long, stretching world, above.
At last moment, I dive and soar once more,
For everyone knows, staying in one place is a bore.
Slowly, around me, people fill the space around me,
Other souls lusting for that endless glee.
Diving, soaring, floating from tip to tip,
Turning, twisting, doing a long flip.
Touch. The ground again, reality comes back,
Glance. Darkness, sky faded to black.
Colors of red, white, orange and blue,
Purple, pink, different colors where we just flew.
Morphing, changing, combining and then still,
Excitement, Fun, the ultimate thrill.
From birds back to reality, from one color to many,
To this one to that one, from a few to any.
Now suddenly from ground to below,
To the clear, blue waves we go.
Bubbles. Big and small,
Wide ones, skinny ones, rise then fall.
Fishes. Swimming. Swimming next to us,
Calm ones, crazy ones, many making a fuss.
All sea life flowing in the same way,
Scene change again, fade to gray.
To a barren wasteland, far, far away.
A place I would never, never, want to stay.
Ashes, sand. A world fallen into despair,
People's last words and prayers linger in the air.
Very different from the world we know and love,
But a world that could be like ours if it is given even a little shove.
Change again, to the tropical waters and white sand,
The endless stretches of land.
A flash of red, the end is near,
A beam of evil that fills many with fear.
That same world before the ash,
That same world before the final, final flash.
Wake with a start, glancing at the ceiling,
Body still filled with that same feeling.
A dream, an endless dream that just came to a stop,
Realization that all of not something I'd be willing to swap.
Dreams are meant to be dreams...our imagination is an interesting thing indeed.....That's why it is so important to keep imagining the unimaginable.

Endless piano melody
Slowly, slowly, I play my tune,
A melody I created that one night in June.
It's a sweet melody. It starts very slow,
However, it slowly begins to form into a steady flow.
It is a song of sadness, in a girl's heart,
It tells the story of my life from the very start.
When I was a small child, taking my first breath of air,
My second birthday when I got my stuffed bear.
When I was eight, when I got my first friend,
My whole life from the very end.
If I asked you to guess when my life ended, would you be able to?
If I gave you five chances, would you still have no clue?
I'll give you a hint, if you give my your ear,
But you must promise me, to not let your heart fill with fear.
The truth is, I died young, at the age of ten,
My life ended way back then.
An accident that wasn't meant to be,
An event no one could see.
I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time,
Truth life being was truly a crime.
I was crushed by a moving vehicle. I was on my way to school,
I should have been watching....I was such a fool..
But I was only ten, how would I have known?
Crushed, broken, heart turned to stone.
Forever now I stay amongst you,
Playing like I used to.
Forever playing my forever melody,
Forever stalking my notes like everyday felidae.
My slow, peaceful melody. Forever going on,
For I will never be truly gone.
So I sit here and play for all I can,
As long as I have my music, that is my forever plan.
This endless piano melody shall not fade...
The endless melody of Jade.....
A last memento of what could have been my life...

Heart beats
My heart beats for the one I love,
To the one that was gifted to me from above.
They are just so perfect in my eyes,
So confident, strong, and wise.
Soft voice that calms my fears,
Soft hands that wipe away my tears.
Where have you been all my life?
Where have you been? My lovely, future wife.
We first met that one day, under that Christmas tree,
Laughing with one another with such glee.
Even back then my heart beat for you,
Of course, you had no clue.
We grew up and went to school,
Almost every thing you did was so cool.
You were so perfect in every way,
Your beauty shined in both night and day.
I remember that one day I wanted to ask you out,
But right as I was about to, I suddenly filled with doubt.
I decided against it, against my heart, against my soul,
A pain so sudden it replaced my heart with an empty hole.
I noticed I wasn't good enough for you, I never would be,
I just kept wondering, “Why? Why did I have to be me?”
I remember running as fast I could, into the cold night,
Running faster and faster until you disappeared from my sight.
I sat under that very same tree where we met before,
I sat there crying, not able to take anything anymore....
But that's when you appeared and took my hand,
And slowly you pulled me up into a stand.
You smiled your perfect smile and wiped my tears away,
And once again you got my heart to sway.
You rested your head on my shoulder and hugged me tight,
And together we silently promised each other of our future of light.
I noticed then you were just waiting for me to tell you how I felt,
No matter how embarrassed I'd be, no matter if I had melt.
You waited patiently for me to just say what you wanted to hear,
You just wanted me to say those words that'd reach your ear.
Do you remember? Exactly what I said,
I said the words you wanted to hear inside of your head.
With that we sat there, glancing at the stars above,
For night no sadness existed, no...only love....
*This poem was inspired from a thought that boy's could also see the beauty in things. Usually you notice girls saying, “He's perfect just how he is!” but you never hear many guys saying how SHE is perfect. This was inspired by the fact of simply what if he did point out what made that girl perfect. No so much the facts and what not, but mainly the idea of that a boy has been in love with a girl his whole life, not the opposite.
All my poems
If you steal any of them I'll shiv you. >_>
What is MY art? Well....I am a writer- and for a long time I have been praised for my poetry.
I like the talent I have for it- and although I stick to one form of it- I still aim to make a poem book one day.
So today I shall be posting some of my poems on da here. Some are random- some are of my characters- So yeah. I hope you enjoy them. I will start by posting the "famous" one in my collection.
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What is MY art? Well....I am a writer- and for a long time I have been praised for my poetry.
I like the talent I have for it- and although I stick to one form of it- I still aim to make a poem book one day.
So today I shall be posting some of my poems on da here. Some are random- some are of my characters- So yeah. I hope you enjoy them. I will start by posting the "famous" one in my collection.
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